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we sell any quantity of the following scrap. Based on your requirements we can arrange in no time any quantity of particular scrap.scrap-seller-bangalore-india

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Ferrous metals: These metals, scrap iron and steel, are magnetic, and are generally heavier than most non-ferrous metals.

Cast iron - baths, pipe work, tractors
Heavy steel - machinery, framework
Light grade steel - tin, flashings,
Non-ferrous metals: These metals are non magnetic and are generally lighter and more valuable than ferrous metals.

Aluminium - parts, cans, etc.,
Copper - hot water cylinders, copper wire, pipes
Brass - tap ware, ornaments, turnings
Stainless steel - benches, tanks, pots
Lead - flashings, pipe work

we sell the following scrap items in bangalore

Aluminium Scrap
Brass Scrap
Copper Scrap
Machinery Scrap
Plastic Scrap
PVC Scrap
Steel Scrap
Mild Steel Scrap MS
Stainless Stell Scrap

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